V2’s origin stems from a life time in the automotive industry. During my childhood my father had his own automotive repair business that he had a vision to bring to life an all in one shop that could do everything to a vehicle in one place. The idea of providing dealerships scope of work that focused on customer service and affordability. It was during the implementation of this concept where at the age of 12 I was introduced to working on cars. I started out handing tools that were requested during the repair process by my father. As the years went by I slowly progress thru the ranks from helper to cleaning up shop to oil changes, tune ups, to full engine rebuilds. After graduation from high school I choice to continue in the family business and forgo the college. During this time I was able to advance out of the shop as a technician and learn the skills of managing the work flow in the shop and estimating as my father’s vision became reality, having a repair and body shop all under one roof. At this point of adding the body shop I dug in and learned from start to finish with hands on what it took to do body work, repair, build show cars, race cars, and finish work. As a few more years passed I was able to become business owner at the age of 24 and took over for my father.


While progressing through all this experience I developed a passion for speed and style, which I pursued thru my personal cars. Years went by and I decided to make a career change and try my hand at different business adventures. During my time with at a Motorsports company and being exposed to some of the world’s finest works of automobiles and aftermarket high end manufacturers I realized that my passion for perfection and improvement of the automobile is my calling.


Fast forward to the birth of v2, after a long thought process and review of my past I realized with my skills developed during my stint in body work and development of buffing skills and experience in business management the wheels started turning. I went thru many ideas and landed with detailing, but not just cleaning. My passion lies in the high end performance, performance luxury car, and super cars. I didn’t want to just clean these cars I want to perfect these cars. I knew they were near perfect already, but I knew there was room for more just like on the performance and styling aspects.


Thus version 2 autosalon ( v2 ) was brought to life. My goal on every car that we touch is that it is returned to the client as a different version than the one they dropped off. What sets v2 apart from others in the industry and what we believe is a lost art, it is our customer service. Our approach is direct to the point with the very best interest of our client in mind. If you’re looking to improve upon an already masterpiece, v2 is the only choice. We are confident that with our service and knowledge we can provide the next version, and we truly have an appreciation for every client we have the privilege to serve.