Maintenance Package

Time required: 4-6 hours

Cost: $350 + extra for station wagons, minivans, SUVs, and trucks.

Details: Includes our Mini Exterior Detail, packaged with our regular Interior Detail.


  • 24 Step Hand Wash, doorjambs wiped and vehicle is dried with compressed air and then all paintwork and glass are decontaminated with our clay bar treatment (removes embedded road grime and environmental fallout). A combination sealant/polish is used to clean the paint and remove very light scratches caused by decontamination and washing leaving your vehicle smooth to the touch and protected until the next detail. To finish off the exterior, tires are dressed with a water based non-sling formula. We recommend this service as a bi-annual treatment for well-maintained vehicles or cars getting ready to market for sale.

Does not include:

  • No paint correction, paint will be washed, decontaminated and then cleansed. Brings a level of shine and protection to your existing paint surface. Does not fill or hide scratches.
  • Spot cleaning will be done on the upholstery/carpets. Vehicles needing steam cleaning or carpet shampooing should consider alternative Interior Details.