Protection Package

Time required: 2 hours

Cost: $175 + extra for station wagons, minivans, SUVs, and trucks.

Details: Includes our Wash+Wax, Vac & Wipe, and Leather Conditioning applied to seats.


  • 24- step Hand Wash, doorjambs wiped, vehicle is dried, and then tires are dressed. Our medium-level carnauba based wax  is applied to all exterior paintwork and removed. Interior is vacuumed and seats cleaned and followed by a conditioner (we recommend conditioning leather every 4-6 months to ensure essential oils are maintained by the leather), dash and center console are dusted down and interior windows are cleaned. We recommend waxing vehicles every 4-6 months to ensure proper protection is maintained.

Does not include:

  • No paint correction, paint will be washed, then waxed. Brings a level of shine and protection to your existing paint surface.Does not fill or hide scratches.
  • Door panels and other interior surfaces are not cleaned, but rather wiped down.
  • Does not include claybar decontamination.